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Guizhou Panjiang Refined Coal Co., Ltd. – green energy company

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      Guizhou Panjiang Refined Coal Co., Ltd. – green energy company
      Solar battery and its advantages.
      Everyone has already seen and everyone knows about such an environmentally friendly source of electricity as a solar battery, and each of us will be able to recognize it at a glance. Surely anyone had or has a pocket calculator, which has a small photocell built into it, which ensures the operation of a computing device without a battery, but in the sun. Now such solar cells are combined into large panels and electrify premises, streets, household facilities, etc.
      Unique technology in the production of solar panels from China’s Guizhou Panjiang Refined Coal Co
      Are modern technologies really capable of creating practical-sized solar cells with high efficiency?
      The efficiency of batteries generating electricity from sunlight at this stage of development is up to 20%. Have the following advantages: independence from interruptions of the general classical power supply and rising prices per unit of electricity, free from registration by government agencies, one-time investment, durability of photovoltaic modules and accompanying equipment, automation of technologies, environmental cleanliness.
      With an optimal selection of installation parameters when installed at subtropical latitude, a one-kilowatt solar battery system will give you a daily capacity of up to 4 kWh in the summer. In winter, it is much less – up to 1.3 kWh.
      When installing a system of photovoltaic panels for home use by household electrical appliances, it will be necessary to purchase, in addition to the solar panels themselves, some auxiliary devices. Namely: an inverter (a device that converts direct current into alternating current), batteries (to provide voltage in the network at night), a controller (a device that regulates the supply of electricity to the network and batteries). You should not completely abandon and disconnect from the centralized power supply if you install solar panels. In case of their failure or adverse weather conditions, you can get into a ridiculous situation by de-energizing the house.
      If you plan to light up a billboard or a street, launch a production mechanism, then you will not need an inverter. Such electrical devices and installations may well operate from a DC current source. But at the same time, it is necessary to take into account the distance between the energy consumer and the batteries – direct current during transmission experiences large power losses.

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