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      Pokies Pop Mobile Online Casino
      What does a disk (dispersion) slot mean?
      Slots with the purchase of a bonus game are a separate category, which includes the so-called dispersion machines. It is extremely rare to win on lines in them, and multiplication is even rarer. But if you catch luck by the tail, you get fantastic x1000 and more. Three important points of disc slots:
      winnings are rare, but big;
      the game will require a decent deposit (about 400 minimum bets);
      only they manage to catch really big money.
      Pokies Pop Mobile Online Casino
      We will tell you where to look for such slots, the casino rating will be at the end of the article. If you are serious and ready to make hundreds of bets to win big, these machines are suitable for you. Additional games in them only enhance the effect, helping the lucky ones to multiply the winnings.
      The Internet is full of articles and videos about dispersion slots, but not all authors are honest. Often they don’t even understand what it is and just advertise different casinos. We will rely on personal experience and feedback from other players.

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